Início - Siempelkamp
Krefeld, Germany


Siempelkamp Maschinen-und Anlagenbau GmbH, based in Krefeld, Germany, specializes in the development design and construction of machinery and plants for the wood, metal and rubber processing industries. Siempelkamp, the world market leader in the production of presses for the wood-based products industry offers services that are tailored to customers needs.

Founded in 1883 by Gerhard Siempelkamp, the company has more than 130 years of experience manufacturing hydraulic presses. By developing the drilled hotplaten Gerhard Siempelkamp modernized the production of silk. Today Siempelkamp designs, constructs and assembles complete plants worldwide including special presses for customers of the wood-processing, metal forming and rubber industries. These plants are started up by Siempelkamp and are automated and equipped with the latest control technology. Machinery and plants by Siempelkamp are unique products because they are custom-made according to customer requirements.

The wood-processing industry uses these products to manufacture board types such as particleboard (MDP), medium density fiberboard (MDF), and oriented strand board (OSB). Every second wood-based board produced worldwide is produced on Siempelkamp equipment. These boards are used for furniture, cabinets, countertops, and laminate flooring, as well as interior housing construction. Furthermore, Siempelkamp offers machinery for surface laminating, the so-called short-cycle presses.

The diverse Siempelkamp press systems manufacture steel cord belts, textile conveyor belts, rubber sheets, and tire treads for retreads.

In the area of metal forming Siempelkamp offers solid forming, plate forming and hydroforming presses. We build C, U and O forming presses for steelpipes, Siempelkamp even designs presses for the aerospace industry. In the French town of Pamiers a Siempelkamp closed-die forging press forges parts into predefined shapes used, for example, as turbine and landing gear parts for the Airbus A380. Furthermore we manufacture presses for open-and-closed-die forging, presses for truck side members, rubber pad presses for the aircraft industry, etc.

Next to high-quality products the Siempelkamp Group offers customers comprehensive services to aid in the smooth operation and long-term competitiveness of their equipment. Siempelkamp carries out the retrofit and upgrading of older plants. Thus, investments are secured for many decades. The company’s hotline phone service, spare parts service and online support provide customers with quick help. Customers also have the opportunity to be trained at the Siempelkamp Academy.