Início - Siempelkamp
Construction Tailored to Your Needs


In engineering, trustworthy traditions are a valuable thing. These traditions constantly benefit from better, more modern and more precise means of production that open up new perspectives in machine manufacturing.

Siempelkamp uses these potentials to create client-oriented solutions. The electronic drawing board of CAD programs makes it possible to turn three-dimensional volume models into multi-dimensional drawings and animated visualizations – providing the perspectives necessary for developing client-specific solutions!

FEM calculations create transparency

A long lifespan with very little wear and tear, low-level maintenance and optimal usability: those are the clearly formulated demands set for our metal forming presses. Our analyses with various FEM systems (e.g. ANSYS and MARC/Mentat) support us in meeting these demands by calculating the entire model of the presses being built. The advantages: the real stresses that occur during operation are shown more precisely, making the design of the individual parts more reliable.

Once the stresses are defined, sub-models can be used to analyze individual parts and their interconnections. The stress analysis is carried out according to recognized German and international rules and standards (e.g. FKM Guidelines, IIW recommendations, AD bulletin, VDI2230).


Values calculated by FEM


Heavy-weight casts from our own foundry

When it comes to the casting of ultra-heavy special and high-precision parts we are constantly setting new benchmarks – e.g. with our current cast of a 260 t moving crosshead. Using the drawings of our design engineers, our company foundry, with its high level of expertise in manually produced casts, plays a decisive role in the success of our products. Here as well, our range of services is truly comprehensive and offers our clients significant added value.


Casting of a 260 t upper beam