Início - Siempelkamp
Conveyor belt presses

Siempelkamp plants have a global track record of success and guarantee these high quality standards. Siempelkamp plants for textile and steel cord converyor belts offer the following advantages:

  • Controlled pre-tensioning of the textile fabric
  • Uniform pre-tensioning of all steel cables
  • Exact spacing of the cables
  • Reversing of the steel cables and belts if necessary
  • Optimum pressure distribution on the converyor belt press
  • Outstanding thickness tolerances for belts from 5 to 50 mm thick
  • Number of cables in the belt in accordance with DIN 22131
  • Cable diameter from 3 to 15 mm
  • Cable tension up to 4000 N per individual cable
  • Low level of manpower

Conveyor belt presses

All over the world, converyor belts are used on a daily basis to transport millions of tons of excavated material, coal and ore over distances of many miles.

Siempelkamp manufactures hydraulic presses and pressplants for conveyor belts with steel cord and textile fabric plies.

Creel / Tensioned cables

Presses for tire retreading

Single C-frame press for tire treads

Siempelkamp has been supplying multi-daylight presses for the production of tire treads for more than three decades. Today, Siempelkamp supplies complete plants and is an experienced General Contractor in tire retreading.

Siempelkamp supplies and assembles single C-frame and double C-frame vulcanizing presses and dressing equipment for steel cord or fabric braided conveyor belting.