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Our Products
ContiRoll® technology: simply great! Industria de madeira Among continous presses, the ContriRoll® has had the leading position for a long time and has made Siempelkamp the world market leader.
OSB Forming Machines Industria de madeira Oriented strand matforming is decisive for the properties of OSB. Siempelkamp supplies optimum matformers for this task.
OSB Industria de madeira OSB is a type of wood-based panel made from slender long flakes (strands).
MDF Forming Machines Industria de madeira The traditional MDF mechanical matformer distributes fiber by using a series of inclined rotating spiked rollers.
MDF Industria de madeira Siempelkamp supplies complete state-of-the-art MDF production plants, from raw material processing to finished panels.
Particle Board forming Machines Industria de madeira Siempelkamp offers several different matformer configurations to suit specific plant conditions and the desired board structure and appearance.
Particle Board (MDP) Industria de madeira Particleboard is one of the oldest wood based panel products.