Início - Siempelkamp
Our Products
Fiber cement presses Industria de placas minerais Complete plants, including raw material preparation, sheet manufacturing, trimming and cutting-to-size...
Conveyor belt presses Industria de Borracha Siempelkamp plants have a global track record of success and guarantee these high quality standards.
Low pressure laminating for furniture boards and flooring Laminação Siempelkamp supplies single opening presslines for the manufacturing of thermofused melamine faced furniture and flooring panels.
High pressure copper clad laminates (HPL-I) Laminação Siempelkamp supplies conventional multi-opening presses and special vacuum presses to manufacture rigid and multilayer copper clad laminates.
High pressure decorative laminates (HPL-D) Laminação Siempelkamp supplies single and multi-opening presslines for manufacturing phenolic (compact boards) and decorative laminates.
Cut - to size centers Sistemas de Manuseio Modular design to enable options such as head cut solutions or split pusher fences
Finishing (sanding) lines Sistemas de Manuseio Sanding lines for particleboard (MDP), MDF and OSB either with integrated saw or with separate saw centre.
Warehouse Sistemas de Manuseio Warehouse
Cooling + stacking Sistemas de Manuseio In order to provide you with wood products of highest quality, we engineer our 180° cooling stars and stacking stations...