Início - Siempelkamp
Research and Development

Our research and development center always thinks and works a step ahead: Our objectives are better quality and higher capacities, on top of that the conservative use of resources and the exahaustion of energy-saving potentials. The result: consistently optimized processes, technologies and systems which make your equipment perform better and more efficiently.

Examples: Customer-related analyses are carried out on existing equipment. Prototypes, on the other hand, are checked under actual manufacturing conditions in our testing facility. Raw materials and board-type products are analysed in our laboratory. Our mobile and stationary instrumentation can test machine functions, as well as the environmental and occupational safety status of machines.

Siempelkamp has one of the largest research and development laboratories in the wood industry today.

The R & D center has 850 m2 of floor space devoted to producing products on full-scale machinery, preparing laboratory samples on small format equipment, and a complete analytical laboratory.

The Siempelkamp Research and Development Center is dedicated to:

- continuously improving machine parts and production technologies
- developing future products
- investigating and testing client's raw materials.

The Technology Development Department focuses on:

- improving raw material utilization
- developing new uses for raw materials
- increasing production capacity
- improving product quality.